Nice To Meet You

  • Nur Amira Izzaty Bt Azhar forever.
  • Born on 27 Oktober 1996.
  • Though I was born in Hospital Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan, doesn't mean I am Negeri Sembilanians. My mother is Kedahan while my father is Perakians. Therefore, whenever people asked me "orang mana?" and I was like errrrr errrr aarrrr.    
  • The eldest and has only 1 lil bro which 7 years younger. 
  • Currently height is 150cm. Honestly, I guess I can't grow any higher than that. I was only 149cm since I was 12. Have to admit, yeah I'm the shortest among my friends but who cares. Cute apa? Bahahaha. *Statement bagi sedap hati*
  • Totally obsessed with blue colours. 
  • Not really talkactive but my friends never approves that. Yeah, I'm being talkactive when I'm only with my friends. I mean CLOSE FRIENDS. 
  • Graduated from SK Merbau Pulas , SK Amanjaya , SK Sungai Pasir Kechil , SMK Ibrahim.
  • Sleepy whenever I get boring.
  • Love to watch anime. Sometimes, bila rasa sayu-sayu sikit, layan drama korea / japan. 
  • Novels , comics, anything as long as fictions.
  • Bully people. Hmmm. 
  • Childish. Pffffftttt. Can't help with it.
  • There is on off shopping mood which means I'll shop only when I want to shop. 
  •  Prefer to stay silent when mad. 
  • Scared of animals with fur. Brrrrr. 
  • Eat , eat and eat. 
  • Have a pair of sepet eyes. Ermm. Not really sepet but boleh la. 

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