No More !!!


Don't you ever come back, boy. Please. I had move on and I never wish to turn back. No! Please.

Back there, 
You ignore my feelings. You played me with your words. Your fake sincerity blind me out. 

Almost 3 years,
I had been waiting for you. I fell in your promises. I'd trust you. 

But, it was before.
The moment I was too obsessed with you. 
The moment I was drowned with love and lust.

Now, I've changed. 
Maybe it just a little change but it is still a change.
I'm not the one who begged for a man's love anymore.
There is no more.

When I have a better life, 
Filled with beautiful moments and friends,
Well, people might say " Ala. Teguq ja pon. Biasa la"
But,  for me it is unusual because you're not the type who will start conversation between us.

And, when we're having chit chat,
I'll try to not really 'layan' you.
I'll try to build barrier. A huge barrier between us. 

Its not like I hate you or what.
I'm just ... yeah. 
I don't want to make the same mistake again.


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