Alhamdulillah for everything

Hi peps. Since that one guy still enjoying his 'sleeping beauty' moment and twitter is no fun anymore because you can't tweet anything that running inside your mind, so here I am. Membalut ketupat. Bahahahaha.

So, update from last case about my housemates, they decided to move out and Sri Kembangan which they believed their rent has become more cheaper compared to current house and it has nice environment because it has everything that they want except TV. Hurm okay. To be honest la kan, I do admit that this house is quite panas, tilam pon murah which makes you sakit belakang. But for me, alhamdulillah at least I have a place to stay safe and sleep soundly. Maybe because my parents always taught me to appreciate everything that you have eventhough you might not like it at all and reasons why this house was chosen was because the one who posted about the house contacted me earlier and luckily the rent is below RM300. I can afford paying the rent for RM300 but the other girl…